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About Us

As an undergraduate student organization, Women in Economics addresses the gender disparities within economics. We cultivate an empowering community for all students who express an interest in the field of economics. We invite our members to engage on an interdisciplinary level with economics while promoting diversity and inclusivity. Women in Economics provides members with skills-building opportunities, empowerment in the field, and a connection with faculty and graduate students.


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Maxcy Grasso is a fourth-year politics, philosophy, and economics major, minoring in Spanish. As president, she develops relationships with partners and manages enrollment of prospective members. Maxcy grew up in sunny Laguna Beach and is primarily interested in the field of development economics. 


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Communications Director

Lily is a second-year politics, philosophy, and economics major. Lily leads the development of WE outreach to current and prospective members. She is currently exploring her interests in public and economic policy. Lily is from Westwood, Massachusetts, a suburb right outside Boston.



Vice President

Ellie Smith is a third-year political science and economics major, minoring in Chinese. Ellie works to build existing relationships and research meeting content. Ellie's interests lie in the fields of behavioral and development economics. A native of NYC, Ellie loves spending time in the park. 




Nora Copple is a third-year communications and business major, minoring in women's studies. Nora manages the organization's finances and fundraising. She's interested in health and education economics and considers Barrington, Rhode Island her hometown.

Our Mission

Women in Economics brings awareness to the gender inequalities that exist in economics by hosting informational seminars that highlight the challenges women face.

Our Vision

Our vision is to shed light on the experiences of women in the scope of economics.

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